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We specialize in crafting exceptional experiences for our customers through the creation of engaging events and services. 

At Kids Factory, we understand the importance of delivering unforgettable moments for families. The total exten of Kids Factory Crew consists of more than 200 experts in the field of children’s services, we are dedicated to providing top-notch customer experiences that are tailored to the unique needs families.

Our wide range of services is designed to cater to various aspects of a family’s journey. Annually, we organize and execute hundreds of event days, where families can participate in exciting activities and create lasting memories together. Whether it’s a themed party, mascot character meet and greet, or interactive play session, our events are carefully curated to be both entertaining and enriching.

As of 2023 we are the official Nickeleodeon licensed partner in Finland and are providing customers with mascot character meet and greets featuring iconic characters from Paw Patrol, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Teenage Ninja Turtles! A main attraction for all kinds of commercial venues and retail locations that will increase the numbers of customers visiting and provide a great boost for marketing and visibility.


Additionally, our childcare service, known as the Kids Factory Lapsiparkki, offers a safe and nurturing environment for children. With a dedicated team of professionals, we ensure that over 13,000 children receive quality care and supervision throughout the year. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their little ones are in good hands while they attend to their personal or professional commitments.

During the enchanting Christmas season, we bring the magic of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and our cheerful elves to life. Our team has the privilege of meeting and interacting with over 30,000 children during this festive period. From listening to their wishes and spreading joy to creating a truly magical atmosphere, we strive to make every child’s encounter with our holiday characters a cherished memory.

Our ultimate goal is to create laughter and joy through customer experiences that leave a lasting impression. We combine expertise in customer experience design, service innovation, and effective communication to ensure that each interaction with Kids Factory exceeds expectations. We believe that by crafting these extraordinary experiences, we can contribute to the overall well-being and happiness of families.

Whether it’s a special event, a child’s care, or an encounter with Paw Patrol, Kids Factory is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences that inspire, entertain, and create cherished moments for families and elevate the customers brand in the target group to new heights.

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